Why Every Fire Alarm System Needs Monitoring

You’re sleeping soundly in your bed when a faint crackling sound wakes you. You roll over and check the clock – 3:30am. You close your eyes and doze back off to sleep but then the smoke detector begins to pierce the night air. You look out the bedroom door to an ambient orange light flickering in the kitchen as reality comes crashing into your mind; the house is on fire!

You jump out of bed and begin mentally cycling through the fire escape plan your family created. You wake your spouse, who heads for the kids’ room. You gather your family at the predetermined rally point in the front yard and when everyone is safe, you reach for your cell phone to call 911 only to find the device useless because of a dead battery. You stare in disbelief, realizing that there is no way to call for help.

This, frighteningly, is what it is like to have a fire alarm system at your place of business with no reporting fire alarm system to a central station. You may have a state of the art fire alarm system and a comprehensive response plan, but if there is no way for your alarm system to alert first responders when it detects a fire, then emergency services will only be contacted if someone witnesses the fire and calls 911. This will not only add precious minutes to the response time of first responders, but may even result in a non-response should a fire take place at night when no one is present to make the call.

Although it is required by National Fire Protection Association Code and State law to have a monitoring service connected to your fire alarm system, our certified Fire Alarm & Special Hazards Inspectors and Technicians often encounter fire alarm systems with no monitoring service connected. This can put your property, employees, residents, and/or neighboring properties at unnecessary risk and subject you to penalties from the County or State Fire Marshal – up to and including having your business shut down until your Life Safety Systems are brought up to Code.

You can avoid these risks and ensure that your business meets the highest life safety standards with Integrated Fire Protection’s premier monitoring service. When our central station receives an alarm from your location, our trained operators immediately notify the appropriate authorities and guide emergency personnel to the correct location. We also alert authorized individuals within your organization by phone, text or email. Our redundant back-up systems ensure uninterrupted coverage and fast response time to your alarms.

With Integrated Fire Protection providing best in class fire alarm and security monitoring, you can have the peace of mind that, should an emergency occur at your business, someone will always be there to answer the call.

Because we believe so passionately that your business should have state of the art fire alarm monitoring services, Integrated Fire Protection is offering a special introductory rate of $19.95/month for our standard monitoring and $49.95/month for our cellular monitoring for 12 months to new clients in the month of DecemberSome restrictions apply. Click here for more details or contact Integrated Fire Protection today at (770) 458-8828 to learn more about our competitive monitoring solutions.