Ritz-Carlton Shares Customer Service Secrets with IFP

One of Integrated Fire Protection’s main objectives for 2016 is to reinvigorate our efforts to provide our clients with an outstanding service experience. As a way to emphasize this objective, IFP President, John Bennett, brought in The Ritz-Carlton’s Sr. Corporate Director of Cultural Transformation, Jeff Hargett, for a training presentation called, “Customer Service Reenergized.” All employees of Integrated Fire Protection enjoyed a delectable Maggiano’s breakfast as they took part in Jeff’s engaging and interactive presentation. The two hour training class was packed with applicable and enlightening ways to use our eyes, ears, and minds to go the extra mile for our clients.

After the presentation, there was a company-wide collaborative discussion on different ways we can mirror The Ritz-Carlton by engaging our clients and leaving a lasting impression on them. We genuinely want our clients to know that they have invested in the best-in-class Fire and Life Safety provider who they can trust will go beyond the call of duty to exceed their expectations. As a company, we will never stop learning, growing, and becoming the best we can be.

Training from the Ritz-Carlton will be ongoing, as a follow-up session with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center has already been scheduled for later this year. Additionally, continuous efforts are being made internally to encourage and reward all Inspectors, Technicians, Supervisors, and Office Staff who uphold the Integrated Fire Protection brand with the highest caliber of professionalism. We love hearing from our customers and welcome you to share your customer service experience with us.  Reach us by calling (770) 458-8828 or emailing [email protected].