img_4001Remember when we were kids first learning to ride our bikes, swinging away in the batting cages, or rehearsing for our first big dance recital? The principle our parents, coaches, and teachers always ingrained in us was, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s the driving belief of every person who strives to be the best at what they do, and those who adhere to that belief often do become the best.

In the fire and life safety industry, striving to be the best means training to save lives and protect property. Being anything less than the best is simply unacceptable. That’s why the state of Georgia launched the 2,400 square foot George M. Lanier Fire Protection Laboratory at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, the culmination of years of planning. The Fire Lab incorporates the professionalism and expertise of the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers (GAFSED), and the Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association, all operating with one goal: facilitating “practice making perfect.”

At Integrated Fire Protection, we are committed to not only being the best in the fire and life safety industry, but also equipping our public safety officials with the tools necessary to do the same. Integrated Fire Protection, a supporter of the Fire Lab, had the pleasure of partnering with Fike Corporation and GAFSED to ensure that the public safety officials training at the Fire Lab to protect Georgia’s citizens, businesses, and industries have state of the art equipment to train on.

Last month, Fike generously donated two releasing panels, peripherals including detectors, a manual release, abort station, a ProInert2 cylinder, and a releasing module to prepare Georgia public safety officials and industry professionals alike for real-life fire equipment applications involving these types of systems. Integrated Fire Protection received and transported the donated equipment to the Fire Lab and professionally installed the mock up system on a custom frame, which will be a permanent part of the Fire Lab’s training apparatus.

Our Fire Alarm and Special Hazard All-Star team, Division Manager Jacob Santinelli, Shawn Martin, and Jack Miller, headed up the crew from Integrated Fire Protection who traveled to the Fire Lab on September 9th to assemble the framing and install each component of the system donated by Fike, which will become an active training component in Spring of 2017 when the facility is slated to open.

If you desire to know more about this leading edge suppression technology recently installed at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, then consider using the same high quality life safety professionals that Georgia’s Public Safety Training Center trusts for a professional installation – because being the best is our business.

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