Thank you to our United States veterans for their sacrifices.

My Grandpa, William Sanner, was a Marine.  He has a Japanese rifle last fired at him off of Okinawa during WWII.  He met my grandmother, Minnie Belle, when he returned after war.  After three months of courtship they married, and three weeks later he was shipped back off to war (to Korea) for a whole year.  They set the foundation for a 60+ year marriage through writing letters, because they had no other choice.  Those letters are preserved in a book that is warn and stained with grubby fingerprints from my large family.  A family that owes their life to William and Minnie Belle, and enjoys reflecting on their stories.

The individual stories of our veterans are meaningful and valuable. Often, they are not preserved in a book but instead can only be found by listening closely to the veterans that live among us.

Today and every day, we honor United States veterans who have served our great country.  We honor them by listening. We honor them by learning from their stories and experiences.  And, we honor them by saying, “Thank you.”

Integrated Fire Protection thanks United States veterans for their sacrifices and willingness to fight for and uphold the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  With respect and admiration, we applaud your bravery in facing the threats that have faced, and currently face, The United States of America.

– Amy Merritt / Life Safety Consultant