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Professionalism in Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems - Atlanta, GeorgiaFire sprinkler systems are an integral component of a well-balanced fire protection plan. Given the need for safety and compliance with recognized standards, it’s essential to choose a partner you can depend on when it comes to inspection, testing, modification or repairs to your Fire and Life Safety system(s).

Integrated Fire Protection®’s Sprinkler Division delivers a new caliber of professionalism and expertise to every client, no matter the size of the company or the project at hand. Our staff is comprised of competent and attentive employees who provide an exceptional, unsurpassed level of service.

Our NICET-certified inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your fire sprinkler system(s) while expediently providing you the comprehensive analysis of the operational condition so that you will be made aware of any system deficiencies that need attention. From that point, our team will apprise you of the associated costs to repair problems noted during the inspection, while also working closely with you to schedule and resolve noted deficiencies, helping ensure your system is always at its peak state of readiness.

With our reporting system, you reduce liability, have the potential to save on expensive insurance premiums and have the ability to make informed, proactive decisions while minimizing potential disruption to your operations.

Beyond our years of industry experience and continuing education, our staff adheres to the Fire Code standards set forth on national, state and local levels. We work hard to keep you compliant and safe. Above all, with Integrated Fire Protection® as your Life Safety provider, you will have confidence knowing that your fire protection systems have been inspected and maintained according to industry best practices.

Attention to Details with Electronically Documented Inspections
Integrated Fire Protection® offers our clients the most up to date and proficient reporting systems available. Powered by BuildingReports’ digital reporting and unique bar code technology, Integrated Fire Protection® can provide accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards. Third Party Verification ensures verifiable, trusted inspection results.

Your inspection report is delivered in real time and stored in a secure online database. Results are instantly retrievable 24/7 from any location for flexible property management.

Integrated Fire Protection® delivers device-specific reports with more detail than any other system, including:

        • Executive Summary with inspection overview
        • Colored Inspection Status Tags for immediate one-look indication
        • Discrepancy Report showing manufacturer recalls and industry notifications
        • Proposed Solutions with pricing and repair authorization
        • Inspection and Testing with Date/Time of test verification for accountability
        • Inventory and Warranty (aging) report

FireSprinkler-LR-IMG_0295Integrated Fire Protection® makes it easy for you to stay in compliance. Just login, review your report, approve repairs and have an audit trail of your inspections for up to five years. No more paper, no more worries. Unmatched accessibility puts your inspection reports at your fingertips to satisfy AHJs, Insurance Providers and other facility management.

Ask your Integrated Fire Protection® Life Safety Consultant if SprinklerScan® is the right fit for your facility.

Types of systems and components serviced:

        • Wet systems
        • Dry systems
        • Pre-action systems
        • Deluge systems
        • High, medium and low expansion foam systems (AFFF)
        • ESFR fire sprinkler systems
        • Fire pumps / fire pump controllers
        • Back flow prevention
        • Fire hydrants and underground fire service mains
        • Standpipe systems

Highlights of our inspection and testing program:

        • Inspect and test according to the most current NFPA standard
        • Check sprinkler heads for position, condition and obstructions
        • Inspect control valves for position, condition, accessibility and signage
        • Conduct required water flow tests on systems, fire pumps, standpipes and hydrants
        • Inspect fire department connections
        • Test sprinkler alarm components
        • Fire sprinkler testing per NFPA 25 (dry heads 10 years, quick response 20 years, etc.)
        • Check for spare sprinkler head box and tools
        • Inspect visible piping, hangers, drain valves and gauges
        • Test air compressors, pre-action valves, deluge valves, pilot lines, solenoids and strainers
        • Test low pressure alarms, supervisory circuits and auxiliary functions
        • Inquire about system modifications or changes in storage that might affect system design criteria or sprinkler coverage
        • Five-year internal inspections/obstruction investigations
        • Tag system devices and document system readiness
        • Provide a detailed, bound inspection report identifying any deficiencies, while also recommending any corrective measures with an estimated cost

Consultative Services:

        • Code consulting/compliance
        • Hazard/risk analysis
        • Design/build budgeting
        • Conceptual cost estimates
        • Storage applications (rack, ESFR, etc.)
        • Value engineering (VE) options
        • Hydraulic calculations
        • Corrosion management (MIC testing)

Other Fire Sprinkler Services:

        • New fire sprinkler installations
        • Fire sprinkler upgrades
        • Tenant finish
        • Sprinkler add / relocates
        • Fire line underground

Our staff is available and ready to serve your every need and operational requirement 24/7. Critical repairs to sprinkler systems aren’t always required at the most opportune times. Integrated Fire Protection®’s rapid response team works evenings (after hours) and even weekends to ensure interruption to your operation is minimal. Call on us 24 hours a day/7 days a week at (770) 458-8828 or (800) 245-1392.

Water Storage Tank Inspection and Service

The inspection, testing and maintenance of water storage tanks is critical to fire safety to ensure adequate water supply is available in the event of a fire. Water storage tanks require regular inspection and maintenance per NFPA 22/NFPA 25 to ensure they are kept in reliable working order, while also ensuring compliance with OSHA, EPA and AWWA requirements. In-service tank inspections are performed by a remote controlled submergible robot which allows you to view the inspection of your tank via live feed. The remote controlled submergible robot eliminates the need for lockout/tag-out procedures, OSHA Confined Space or Commercial Diving regulations or water contamination associated with a diver.

Integrated Fire Protection®, through our trusted and valued partnerships, can inspect and perform the needed maintenance that will ensure you keep your water storage tank at peak performance.

Highlights of our inspection program include (but are not limited to):

• Ladders, shell, roof, vent, welds, anchors and hatch
• Foundation
• Safety systems
• External overflow
• Interior heater pipe
• Lead check (interior and exterior)
• Mil thickness test (coating thickness) – exterior
• Cross hatch (paint adhesion) - exterior
• Ultra sonic test (metal thickness)- exterior

After our inspection is complete, we will provide a detailed report of our findings, complete with photographs, a DVD of the inspection and any corrective actions needed with a cost estimate for any noted repairs.

Hungry for Knowledge?

For fire sprinkler training, Integrated Fire Protection® offers a “lunch and learn” series to address commonly asked questions that building owners and their staffs have concerning the inspection, testing, maintenance and operation of the sprinkler systems protecting their building(s). We will also tailor the course to your specific needs or concerns. Ask your Life Safety Consultant today!

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