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In the event of a fire, seconds count. That’s why having a properly functioning fire alarm system is critical. One of the key elements of the fire alarm system is the ability for notification and evacuation of occupants. In addition, adequate exit routes and occupant familiarity with an escape plan are essential.

A fire alarm system provides an audible and visible alarm signal as the result of the actuation of a fire alarm pull station, automatic operation of a fire detector (such as a smoke or heat detector) or the automatic operation of a protective system (such as a sprinkler system). Another important element of the fire alarm system is its ability to provide continuous 24-hour monitoring, which can notify the local fire department in case of an emergency.

Fire Alarm Systems Inspection, Testing and Maintenance:

While Integrated Fire Protection® is a Gamewell-FCI, Farenhyt, and Edwards Vigilant dealer, we are able to perform inspection and testing services on virtually any fire alarm system, including but not limited to Notifier, Silent Knight, Fire-Lite, Simplex, Mircom, Siemens/Pyrotronics, Fike, Hochiki, Ademco, Edwards EST and CWSI.

Inspecting, testing and maintaining fire alarm and detection systems is essential for ensuring the systems’ operational readiness. These activities are necessary to maintain system integrity and ensure the system operates as designed and installed. Regular inspections can identify missing, damaged or obstructed devices, incorrect or damaged wiring, system additions or modifications and trouble conditions that may exist at the fire alarm control panel. These deficiencies must be resolved for the system to adequately protect facilities, assets and occupants, while maintaining code compliance per NFPA 72.

Some of the key elements of a comprehensive inspection program for fire alarm and detection systems include visual inspections and system testing. Following the thorough inspection we provide a detailed, bound inspection report identifying any deficiencies, while also recommending any corrective measures with an estimated cost.

Visual inspections ensure no changes to the system or related equipment affect system performance. Our inspectors visually inspect and test:

        • Fire alarm control panels and their components
        • Remote annunciator panels
        • Initiating devices, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm pull stations, fire detectors, water flow and tamper switches
        • Alarm notification appliances including strobes, horn/strobes and speaker strobes
        • That system installation meets applicable codes

Electronically Documented Inspections

We are a first-in-class technology leader for implementing accurate, secure and detailed reporting of virtually all fire and safety-related components. Integrated Fire Protection® clients benefit from a web-based reporting system. Get quicker, more accurate and more accessible reports for those managing properties of any size. For more information on our reporting system, ask your Integrated Fire Protection® Life Safety Consultant.

Integrated Fire Protection® is an authorized Gamewell-FCI, Farenhyt  ECS (Emergency Communications System) dealer, which provides both cutting-edge fire protection and a system for broadcasting real-time communications within facilities, big or small. By integrating emergency communication capabilities with its proven fire alarm technology, Gamewell-FCI, Farenhyt, and Edwards Vigilant aim to offer an all-in-one system that is easy to use and cost-effective.

Integrated Fire Protection® also is a proud CWSI dealer. We believe that CWSI brings to market a unique, cost-effective solution where more traditional hard-wired systems are not a practical or an economical solution such as historical buildings, multi-family residential, industrial applications and airports.

By choosing Integrated Fire Protection® to help you with design, installation or inspection, testing and maintenance of new and existing systems, you can be assured that our factory-trained technicians and installers will meticulously maintain your system to ensure it always operates as intended.

Code Reference:
NFPA 72 Chapter 10 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance 


Benefits of a Properly Maintained Fire Alarm System:

  • System integrity and operational assurance - Only a regularly tested and properly maintained fire alarm system can be counted on for advanced warning and evacuation in the event of an actual fire. A malfunctioning fire alarm system can result in the loss of life and property.
  • False alarm reduction - Fire alarm systems that are poorly maintained are prone to false alarms due to the accumulation of dust and other contaminates. False alarm fines can be significant, and no one wants fire trucks to respond unnecessarily.
  • Protection from liability - The testing of all fire alarm systems is mandatory per NFPA 72 code, at minimum once per year. It is the building owners’ responsibility to follow the required code. In the event of an actual fire, the consequences of an untested or improperly maintained fire alarm system that results in the loss of life or property can end in prosecution and severe financial repercussions.
  • Discounted insurance rates - Many insurance carriers offer a discount if the building owner can show proof of regular testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system.
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