laxWe live in a rapidly changing world with new threats emerging from not only natural events, such as tornadoes and fires, but also deliberate incidents, such as shootings and other forms of terrorism. Despite growing concerns for public safety, the presence of threat doesn’t necessarily need to result in the occurrence of harm.

J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote in his famous epic, The Hobbit, “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” The moral of this cautionary note is no less true for safety planning and procedures in our modern world; especially in our schools and airports.

Take, for instance, last month’s active shooter scare at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). In the minutes following the initial reports of a shooter, the TSA, LAPD, FBI, and Homeland Security officials were able to spring into action and secure the airport. Their careful training and strategizing allowed them to determine there was no threat and ensure the safety of everyone inside. But, what if there had been a shooter?

The common themes in the news stories about the incident are the chaos, confusion, and lack of communication to many passengers, staff, and TSA agents. Passengers fleeing out onto the tarmac into possible danger from moving airplanes, people falling and injuring themselves in panic, and groups of people cautiously reentering the terminal without knowing the situation inside could all be avoided with an Emergency Communications System.

live-dragonsECS systems can provide text on computer screens, text messaging, email, and pre-recorded messages, as well as live voice communications to specific zones within a threat area to ensure any and all affected personnel or passengers receive instant, effective communication regarding a situation. Imagine if passengers and personnel at LAX could be notified by terminal or gate where to go for safety, where to avoid danger, or to stay in place and remain calm because the threat was just a hoax?

Incorporating ECS is a compliment to the expertise brought by law enforcement and travel safety officials in conjunction with the administration in charge of a facility under threat; whether it be a school, college campus, warehouse, multi-building campus, shopping mall, or airport. ECS allows the flow of information about emergency situations to flow down to those under threat and transition them from victims of danger to active participants in the execution of the strategy, planning, and training of first responders.

In today’s world, we live near live dragons. It is incumbent upon us to include them in our calculations when it comes to our life safety services.

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