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Our company goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of personalized, attentive service, striving always to exceed expectations.  By assigning a dedicated Life Safety Consultant, we provide you, our client, with a single point of contact to support you and your team in navigating the intricacies of the Fire and Life Safety industry.

Your dedicated Life Safety Consultant will communicate your specific needs to our Operations Team, who will then effectively manage critical Fire and Life Safety intervals by developing inspection, testing and maintenance solutions tailored to your precise needs (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually).  Our professional staff will seamlessly manage critical inspection and testing dates, eliminating the concern of overlooked inspection intervals resulting in fines or faulty equipment.

As part of your customer experience, our Inspection Teams utilize industry-leading reporting software.  This diminishes the burden on facility managers and owners by providing professional, electronically-documented inspection reports which indicate whether the Fire and Life Safety systems installed and in service at your location(s) are in proper working order and in compliance with regulatory standards.  Through our comprehensive reporting, we easily identify impairments or deficiencies, allowing us to quickly communicate the corrective action required.

Throughout the process, you are informed and up-to-date of any needed repairs, maintenance or general concerns.

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Our Testimonials:

“ASIG has been working with Integrated Fire Protection® for over a decade, and they consistently perform at a very high level. Due to the nature of our business, missed inspections are not an option. We are subject to rigorous oversight by regulatory agencies and, as such, the relationship we have with Integrated Fire Protection® is very important to our business operations.”


“In working with Integrated Fire Protection® for nearly 14 years, we have found them to be a trusted vendor that provides our operation with the support we need to ensure we are kept compliant with all Fire and Life Safety codes. Integrated Fire Protection® seamlessly manages all facets of our fire protection systems, covering our entire Georgia campus.”


“We have been working with Integrated Fire Protection® for well over a decade and have an outstanding working relationship. They consistently execute the service that we need to keep our plant safe and up to code. They are a trusted service provider that we can depend on.”


“Thank you so much for getting out and repairing [our systems] so quickly. I really appreciate that you were able to work so quickly and recognized the challenges you were up against at the time.”

Facility Manager

“Your crew was phenomenal and we are so appreciative of you!”

Property Manager

“Your guys did fantastic! The guys were great and worked very hard.”

Property Manager
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