Comprehensive Monitoring

Integrated Fire Protection® offers central station monitoring services for all of its clients’ fire and security systems with a local UL/FM-approved central station monitoring facility.

We provide peace of mind with fast, accurate and responsive 24/7/365 monitoring service for:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security systems
  • Elevator
  • Hi-low temperature monitoring, as well as other critical systems
  • Water and flood detection

When our monitoring station receives an alarm from your location, our trained operators immediately notify the appropriate authorities and guide emergency personnel to the correct location. We also alert authorized individuals within your organization by phone, text or email.

Redundant back-up systems ensure uninterrupted coverage and fast response time to your alarms.

Additionally, Integrated Fire Protection® offers a cost effective cellular communication solution that provides the opportunity to eliminate expensive commercial phone lines. We are pleased to offer Telguard, Uplink and Honeywell Connect as our cellular communicators.

Contact Integrated Fire Protection® today at (770) 458-8828 to learn more about our competitive monitoring solutions.

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