“I’ve Gotta Get Me One Of Those”

In Christopher Nolan’s 2005 revamping of the Batman franchise, Batman Begins, Commissioner (then Lieutenant) Gordon has a memorable first run-in with the Caped Crusader. While rescuing Bruce Wayne’s injured love interest, Rachel Dawes, Gordon exclaims, “I’ll get my car!” Batman takes Rachel from Gordon’s arms, walks into an alleyway, and replies calmly that he brought his own ride. When he roars past Gordon in his new massive Batmobile (known as the “Tumbler”), Gordon exclaims through wide eyes, “I’ve gotta get me one of those.

That, essentially, was our reaction while attending the brand-new rollout of the emergency mass notification system from our friends at Alertus and Honeywell. Over the course of an hour, they showcased their innovative utilization of existing infrastructure for Mass Notification Systems (MNS) that Integrated Fire Protection is excited to add to our arsenal of life safety equipment.

If you’re unfamiliar with emergency mass notification, MNS enable for communication to broad groups or specific individuals to provide instruction or information in the event of an emergency. This can be done through messaging devices, audio systems, etc. You can take a few minutes to read our blog about real-world applications by clicking here.

Alertus and Honeywell have found new ways to deliver communications to individuals in

real-time and to deliver communications faster. It is estimated that traditional emergency notification can take up to 30 minutes to coordinate and distribute. When seconds count toward saving lives, time is of the essence.

In order to ensure total coverage during an emergency situation, the new Alertus/Honeywell system can target indoor or outdoor areas as well as individuals who can receive specific information. Gaps in notification are eliminated by utilizing desktop computers, VoIP phones, digital signage, cable TV, fire alarm systems, alert beacons, high power speaker arrays, panic buttons, LED marquees, and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

What’s more, the MNS can be activated by web interface, mobile app, hardwired panic button, or a software panic button. Key individuals can be given access to activate the MNS and the system can carry preloaded alert types for weather, intruder, active shooter, fire, and more.  And the system can not only trigger emergency notification, it can also trigger lockdown – automatically locking doors or gates designated as access points to be restricted during a particular type of emergency.

This incredible new technology will most certainly save lives. Schools, college campuses, airports, and communities at large will be safer with the new Alertus system in use by Integrated Fire Protection clients across our corporate footprint.

If you’d like more information about this or other MNS provided by Integrated, what other fire and life safety services we can offer your organization, or how to receive an onsite consultation, call the Life Safety Professionals at Integrated Fire Protection today at (770) 458-8828!