Integrated Fire Protection Supports Our First Responders!

Take a moment and think about the Firefighters, EMTs, and Police Officers in your family, circle of friends, church groups, and other social networks. Many of us could rattle off a list of names because we are fortunate enough to have First Responders as our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and best friends. Whether or not you Henry pnghave personal connections with the men and women who have been called to protect and serve our communities, it is nice to recognize what our First Responders do for us and show appreciation for the burden they bear in our society.

First Responders undergo rigorous training and work extremely long hours in order to be present and prepared for any accident, disaster, or other traumatic event that could occur. They willingly take on the responsibility of handling life or death situations; situations that can be physically, mentally, and emotionally scarring. Though most First Responders have seen and experienced unimaginable tragedy and catastrophe, they remain strong and steadfast in order to support the stability of our communities each and every day.

Winder pngOver the next few months, Integrated Fire Protection is partnering with The Georgia Arson Control and Georgia Underwriting to provide breakfast for First Responders throughout the state of Georgia. It is our way of saying “Thank you” to the individuals whose efforts often go unobserved.

On Tuesday, January 19th we had the pleasure of visiting the Winder Fire Department for our 2016 opening “First Responders Appreciation Breakfast.” Integrated Fire Protection’s President, John Bennett, opened the breakfast with a message of gratitude and a breakfast prayer. He also presented the Firefighters with a custom Integrated Fire Protection logoed corn hole set, for their enjoyment and pleasure.

At Integrated Fire Protection, it is our sincere intention to make a mark on the Fire and Life Safety industry. We understand that in an industry which aims to keep citizens safe and protected from the threat of fire, we share many of the same goals as our Firefighters and First Responders. As such, we are tremendously grateful for their sacrifices and are committed to supporting them in any way that we can.

Please visit Integrated Fire Protection’s Facebook page for ongoing updates on the “First Responders Appreciation Breakfasts,” which are taking place multiple times a week across Georgia.