Integrated Fire Protection Provides On-site Fire Alarm Training

When it comes to keeping facilities safe and compliant with NFPA code, training is an absolute necessity.  Too often, especially in multifamily complexes, maintenance teams must “feel their way through the dark” when it comes to operating their facility’s Fire Alarm Systems.  This, unfortunately, can be problematic because these systems are intricate, fragile, and can potentially create liability to the owner if worked on by untrained personnel.  With this in mind, Integrated Fire Protection aims to help our valuable clients become more familiar with their facility’s Fire Alarm Systems through on-site training and hands-on learning opportunities.

On Tuesday, May 17th, representatives from Integrated Fire Protection’s Fire Alarm Division visited Walton Grove to conduct a series of training classes for the members of the Walton Communities maintenance team.  During these classes, participants learned the various differences between conventional and addressable panels, as well as how to troubleshoot their specific systems.  “It’s important for them to understand the basics of their Fire Alarm Systems so that if there’s a safety issue, they can quickly identify where the problem is occurring,” Senior Alarm Technician, Mike Poteet explained, “but, it’s also extremely important that they understand we are only one call away any time day or night.  If they have any questions or concerns, they have our number on speed dial.”

While Integrated Fire Protection wants maintenance teams to feel confident and knowledgeable when it comes to their facility’s Fire Alarm Systems, it is also imperative that they recognize the liability they are accepting if choosing to address Fire Alarm System issues themselves.  NFPA code explains that only Certified Fire Alarm Technicians are allowed to Inspect, Test, and Service Fire Alarm Systems.  “I do urge caution,” Poteet stated, “if facility managers and maintenance personnel decide to address Fire Alarm issues on their own (without the help of certified professionals such as the specialists at Integrated Fire Protection), they are accepting the liability if something goes wrong or if there is a future system failure.”

At Integrated Fire Protection, we have our clients’ best interest in mind at all times.  We work each day with a goal in mind: to provide unrivaled personalized attentive service that supports our client’s requirements in meeting all Federal, State, and Local Fire and Life Safety Codes.  Additionally, we support our clients in their pursuit to learn more and become more engaged with their Fire and Life Safety systems, whatever they may be.

Have questions about your facility’s Fire Alarm Systems or interested in giving your facility’s maintenance team a better understanding of the Fire and Life Safety Systems at work in your building?  Please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (770) 458-8828 as we would be delighted to help you reach your safety goals.