Maintaining the safety of your employees and equipment in any manufacturing or industrial facility requires unyielding attention, not to mention the importance of compliance with OSHA, insurance regulations and Fire Codes. Let Integrated Fire Protection® assist you in reducing that burden. By partnering with us, you will get the benefit of over a century of cumulative expertise in meeting the specific challenges involved in manufacturing and industrial operations, no matter the size of your facility.

We carry above and beyond most facilities’ minimum requirements of liability and workers compensation insurance and participate in a number of compliance verification programs. Additionally, by serving thousands of customers every year, we have the proven experience to offer our premium Fire and Life Safety products and services, which are second to none in the industry.

Integrated Fire Protection® stands ready to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also understand how important safety is to you; your employees and assets must be protected. You can rest assured that we will always dispatch a thoroughly trained and certified technician to your facility. All of our technicians are required to participate in a rigorous and ongoing safety training program. Count on us to stay up-to-date of any changes in regulation allowing you to focus on your operations.

The Integrated Fire Protection® Difference

Integrated Fire Protection® is your Total Solutions Provider for all your Fire and Life Safety needs. We have the expertise to ensure our jobs are done right from the start, ensuring any downtime on your end is minimal, that your facility is in compliance and your assets are protected.

Who We Serve

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Distribution/logistics facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Warehousing
Our Testimonials:

“ASIG has been working with Integrated Fire Protection® for over a decade, and they consistently perform at a very high level. Due to the nature of our business, missed inspections are not an option. We are subject to rigorous oversight by regulatory agencies and, as such, the relationship we have with Integrated Fire Protection® is very important to our business operations.”


“In working with Integrated Fire Protection® for nearly 14 years, we have found them to be a trusted vendor that provides our operation with the support we need to ensure we are kept compliant with all Fire and Life Safety codes. Integrated Fire Protection® seamlessly manages all facets of our fire protection systems, covering our entire Georgia campus.”


“We have been working with Integrated Fire Protection® for well over a decade and have an outstanding working relationship. They consistently execute the service that we need to keep our plant safe and up to code. They are a trusted service provider that we can depend on.”


“Thank you so much for getting out and repairing [our systems] so quickly. I really appreciate that you were able to work so quickly and recognized the challenges you were up against at the time.”

Facility Manager

“Your crew was phenomenal and we are so appreciative of you!”

Property Manager

“Your guys did fantastic! The guys were great and worked very hard.”

Property Manager
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