Cutting Edge Video Fire Detection with Signifire by Fike

Integrated Fire Protection and Fike are partnering to bring you the best in fire safety.

In our pursuit to provide our clients with best in class products and service, we wanted to introduce you to technology you may not be aware of. SigniFire is a turnkey video smoke detection solution. The state-of-the-art, camera-based SigniFire video smoke detection system, visually detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area. SigniFire represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection, especially for challenging environments and open area venues.

The SigniFireIP camera combines the enhanced resolution and picture clarity of a standard network camera with built-in flame, smoke and motion detector capabilities to detect the presence of flames within the camera’s field of view, reflected light when flames are obstructed, and pluming and ambient smoke. With its customizable parameters, it can notify you of the exact location of a detected fire.

SigniFire is paired with an FSM-IP – a scalable, network video recorder with video management software that is designed to support up to 32 SigniFire network, flame detecting cameras. FSM-IP constantly records video streams on to internal hard disk, has customizable storage space to meet application needs, provides monitoring of live videos, maintains an event log for all alarm conditions, dispatches alarms and videos to remote locations, and contains a network management interface for configuration and maintenance.

With the growing needs of your diverse facility, SigniFire may be your perfect solution for fire and smoke detection. To learn more about the applications of SigniFire and how our certified technicians can provide customized solutions for your facility’s needs, call The Life Safety Professionals at Integrated Fire Protection at 770-458-8828 or email us at [email protected].