Come Together This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving stands apart from other holidays as a time of quiet introspection of that for which we are most thankful. Thanksgiving is a time to pause, reflect, and give thanks for our lives, our loved ones, and all the blessings which God has bestowed upon us.

The first Thanksgiving was between 53 Pilgrim Colonists from Plymouth and 90 Wampanoag Indians. In 1620, the Colonists had just survived an arduous 66-day trek across the Atlantic and a brutal New England winter that claimed the lives of half of their original passengers. Food was scarce and the Pilgrims didn’t have the skills or resources to sustain themselves as a Colony. With the assistance of a Pawtuxet Indian named Squanto and an allegiance with the local Wampanoag tribe, the Pilgrims learned how to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish, and avoid poisonous plants.

In November of 1621, the Colonists had their first successful corn harvest. To celebrate, Plymouth Governor William Bradford organized a feast for the Pilgrims and Wampanoag. And, in the spirit of brotherhood, the members of two vastly different cultures shared a table together and celebrated all they had and would accomplish together.

Nearly 400 years later, we can and should approach this beautiful holiday with the same spirit of togetherness. Let us put aside the differences that have divided us, mend old relationships, celebrate new ones, and spread the love and cheer that truly makes our country great.

From your friends at Integrated Fire Protection, Happy Thanksgiving.