Unholy Tour of 2015

Integrated Fire Protection recently took part in raising awareness by attending the Unholy Tour of 2015 with Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols on January 20, 2015.   Integrated Fire Protection President John Bennett and Inspection & Service Manager Taylor Carlock attended the eye-opening event.  There were many others in attendance, including Georgia State Senators Mike Dugan, Mike Crane and Renee Unterman, as well as Andrew Schoppe (Salvation Army) and Richard Elliot (Channel  2 Action News), just to name a few.

The primary goal of the tour was to enlighten political decision makers, local business owners and concerned citizens in regards to the reality of sexual trafficking in Georgia.  While sexual exploitation is a global problem, it has been documented that Atlanta is the number one hub in the United States for the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Kasey McClure, our guide on this sobering trip, described to the diverse group in attendance the challenges that a young female experiences while trapped in the lifestyle of exotic dancing, prostitution and sexual slavery.  During the tour, McClure shared her journey and advocated for her ministry 4Sarah in which she aids women currently ensnared “in the life” of sexual exploitation.

The Tour coincided with the End It Movement Shine a Light on Slavery Day which occurred on February 27, 2015.  On this day, freedom fighters across the globe marked red X’s on their hands in a show of solidarity, promoting awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration.

Please join Integrated Fire Protection in praying for all young women and childreninvolved in such difficult situations around the world, especially in our home town.  We also pray for the safety of all Metro Atlanta law enforcement officers as they continue to put their lives on the line to make Atlanta a better place to live for all.

Check out the footage from Chanel 2: Lawmakers Tour Local Sex Trafficking Hot Spots