The New “Fleet”

It is no secret that Integrated Fire Protection has been at the forefront of many developments, implementations, and lobbying for advances in the fire protection industry.

This internal development is a bit different and has to do with the mother of all inventions – necessity.  When you are known for your efficiency, it’s important to bring that to every arena of your business.  Integrated Fire Protection’s Fire Extinguisher division is no different.  As a technician, there is a necessity to move large amounts of fire extinguishers quickly and efficiently through a facility.  The problem is: fire extinguishers don’t stack well and are a bit too tall to stay balance on a hand truck etc.

Here’s where the quick, innovative thinking of one of our technicians came in.  Taking the initiative to develop a better solution, he put together plans for way to transport several extinguishers safely, efficiently, and quickly.  Integrating a dolly and a steady wood-working hand, the technician fashioned the perfect solution to this stressful problem.  See pictures below.

While currently in the process of patenting, Integrated Fire Protection’s trademark orange  ”fleet” of extinguisher transporters are sure to be turning heads in the industry for years to come…