Is Your Fire Sprinkler System Prepared for Freezing Temperatures?

snowpocalypse-atl-2014Even if you don’t live in Metro Atlanta, you probably remember the news coverage of Snowpocalypse 2014, when roughly 2.5 inches of snow and ice brought the bustling city to a screeching halt. Thousands of commuters were left stranded on the highways, eliciting jokes and mockery from late night comedy shows like Saturday Night Live. While the jokes may have been funny (after the fact, of course), the winter of 2014 battered Georgia’s business community, partly due to thousands of fire sprinkler systems that weren’t properly winterized.

A report from the State Insurance Commissioner in February of 2014 said that property insurance claims resulting from the two winter storms that surprised Georgia in January and February of that year totaled over $100 million dollars. A significant portion of those claims resulted from dry pipe sprinkler systems in parking garages, high rises, and multifamily properties; where proper preventative maintenance was not performed prior to winter arriving.

If air compressors are not working or serviced properly; if the piping is not pitched or graded correctly; if the amount of priming water required for a dry system is not correct; or if the low point drains are not checked and drained, facility managers can experience unintended activation of their fire sprinkler systems (sometimes, without one’s knowledge). This can result in water flowing into the piping when there is no fire. Having water in your dry pipe sprinkler system during freezing conditions causes piping, fittings, and sprinkler heads to break, which can lead to extensive water damage resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. Our goal at Integrated Fire Protection is to assist in educating you and ensuring your property and its fire protection systems are ready for freezing temperatures.

Fall is the perfect time to take preventative measures. Integrated Fire Protection can help you with a cost-effective package designed to keep your sprinkler system operational through the winter. Under our Winterization/Preventative Maintenance and Education package, our certified technicians will take you through a checklist of critical measures. We will even educate your maintenance team on important tasks that can enable them to perform the preventative maintenance themselves in the future.

This year, allow Integrated Fire Protection’s certified technicians help prepare you and your staff to avoid costly damage to your Life Safety Systems.

Play it safe. Sign up today for our Winterization/Preventative Maintenance and Education Package. Call us at (770) 458-8828 or email us at for more information.