Happy Thanksgiving from Integrated Fire Protection

Our family here at Integrated Fire Protection is wishing you and yours a memorable and warm Thanksgiving.

Our family here at Integrated Fire Protection is wishing you and yours a memorable and warm Thanksgiving.  From turkeys to a game of backyard football, we hope your holiday is chockfull of memories for years to come.  We’re celebrating our Thanksgiving with loved ones and a few family traditions, such as sneaking a slice of pumpkin pie before enjoying the turkey and gravy.

Whatever your tradition may be, at some point it probably involves gathering in the kitchen around whatever is cooking.  With many helping hands about the stove and oven, it is entirely possible for a burner or appliance to be forgotten or left unattended.  We at Integrated Fire Protection want to provide a few friendly reminders on how to keep your kitchen safe and protect your friends and family from injury this holiday season.


In the matter of minutes, a burnt turkey could turn into the least of your worries.  A perfect example of this is an apartment complex located in Marietta, GA, which has experienced a building fire four times in the last five years (according to CBS 46).  The most recent disaster burned 16 condominium apartments.  Luckily, no one has ever been seriously injured.  However, families have been displaced and lost irreplaceable valuables such as wedding videos and pictures.


Integrated Fire Protection, The Life Safety Professionals, wants to stress the importance of taking time to ensure your family is protected this holiday season.  “Cooking is the leading cause of residential fires during the Thanksgiving Holiday and throughout the year,” according to the Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services.


Last year we released tips on how to fry a turkey safely.  Below we are pleased to bring you our Best Kitchen Safety Practices to ensure a truly happy and safe Thanksgiving this year:


• Replace the batteries to your fire alarms and check that they are functioning normally.
• Locate the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and be sure it’s up to date.  Review the directions and feel confident about using it in case of an emergency.
• Be sure the oven and stove are thoroughly cleaned after use.  Oven fires can start and burn without detection for minutes before being noticed.
• Remember to use a timer to ensure that you don’t leave anything in the oven for too long.
• Remove any flammables around the stove top.


We encourage you to implement the tips above this Thanksgiving and year round.  Please be sure to call or email us with any questions, concerns or any fire protection or safety products you may be in need of.


Integrated Fire Protection is grateful for so much this holiday season, especially for all of our clients and employees.


Happy Thanksgiving!