FEMA: Balanced fire protection plan includes standpipes

During any fire, each moment counts towards saving lives and property.

Integrated Fire Protection is proud to offer an array of services and equipment to provide the highest safety measures, including standpipe rack hoses, a system recently highlighted by the Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association as a recommendation for large buildings.

Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association

A standpipe hose system is a combination of a fire hose rack, fire hose, nozzle and valve to provide fast response in fire emergencies.

The system is meant to protect people and property against initial developing fires and is critical to a balanced fire protection plan, allowing a fast response to a fire before it has time to spread.

The systems are a first line of defense because of their unique safety features, especially in an area where fire department response times are longer than five minutes.

Standpipe rack hose systems can be operated by one person and allow users to manually apply water to a fire before automatic sprinklers activate or in the event of an automatic system failure.

They can also reduce water damage in a building as water can be aimed directly at the base of the fire and shut off immediately after extinguishment, rather than waiting for a sprinkler system to go off, which sprays water indiscriminately.

Standpipe hose systems can be used to allow time for evacuation, protect a means of egress, or defend occupants who cannot evacuate the building.

It is important to note, however, that standpipe rack hoses do not take the place of automatic extinguishing systems, which are important in large buildings, and should not be activated until everyone is out of harm’s way.

The fire department should be contacted in any fire event.

Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (FEMA Life Safety) recommends standpipe hose systems for office buildings, dormitories, schools, airports, apartment complexes, hotels, elder care facilities, correctional facilities, hospitals, industrial plants, retail malls and anywhere else fire department response time exceeds five minutes.

Fire hose stations should be inspected or checked every 90 days for quality assurance to maintain its effectiveness as a fire-fighting tool.

FEMA Life Safety’s standpipe hose highlight video explains quick suppression of fires, the one-person operation of standpipe hose racks, pathway clearing for occupant rescue and occupant protection during rescue.

Check out NFPA 25-2000 ed. Tables 6.1 and 6.22 for more details about standpipe rack hose systems.

Watch the FEMA Life Safety video here.