Call and Response: Haiti

Though no strangers to responding to disaster, Integrated Fire Protection and the rest of the world was in shock when the earthquake hit Haiti earlier this year in January.  Feelings of helplessness and sorrow turned into action across the country as people began giving by way of texts and phone calls to organizations like the Red Cross and Wyclef Jean’s Disaster Relief Fund.

But how is a fire protection company supposed to help a place that seems so distant and with a need seemingly overwhelming?

In times like this, quotes like this one from Edmund Burke surface and really bring perspective:  “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little…”

aftermath from the earthquake

So that’s what one of the employees from IFP, Nathan Gallentine,  is doing. Partnering up with a local church in Atlanta and a Haitian group that has been committed to serving orphans and widows in Haiti for many years, he is simply moving to that place of greatest need.  But it’s not just him going… From the generous support of the staff, bed sheets, mosquito repellant, and funds for a plane ticket have enabled Integrated Fire Protection to partner and share in the work that will be going on in Port au Prince, Haiti.  As a visionary trip, this trip will be the beginning of a partnership to find and meet some of Haiti’s most imminent needs.

We’ll get him to create a post for us to reflect on what he saw and where to go from here.  We hope that anyone reading this will join by combining our efforts, prayers, and resources to continued progress in Haiti.